Reverend Rick McCain Reaching God's People

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Pastoral Resume

Pastoral Resume


[email protected]                                                                 15165 Waterman Dr. • South Holland, IL  60473 Contact#: (708) 362-7751

License/Ordained: Salem Baptist Church, Chicago, IL (Over 20 years of experience.)                                                        

SUMMARY:                          Leadership A Godly spiritual leader, excellent communicator and extremely devoted in serving  God’s people. Experienced serving on committees to strengthen communities’ knowledge of God through outreach programs.  

Analytical Thinker Possess an ability to anticipate unique requirements and potential roadblocks in all spiritual situations and resolve them. Continually develop strategies to minimize issues and deliver exceptional results to increase membership and church attendance.

Dependable Have a proven track record of outstanding Christian service. An unruffled, dependable man of God who devotes every effort to achieving the best results.

Certified Leader: Marriage classes & training, Pre-Martial ministry & marriage, relationship and individual counseling. Worked with the Ministry Council of South Holland, IL Reformed Churches to unify a biblical understanding of different denomination


EDUCATION:                        St. Xavier College Chicago, IL                                               Chicago Baptist Institute

Master of Liberal Arts & Sciences                                          • Master in Theology 

• Concentrated in Speech Communications

PROFESSIONAL                 SALEM BAPTIST CHURCH OFCHGO                             Chicago, IL             1996 to PRESENT

EXPERIENCE:                       SR. TEACHING PASTOR 

Assist with Sunday and Wednesday services which includes baptism, prayer, communion visiting patients, families and staff at hospices and hospitals and conduct retirement home services

Provide group & individual counseling to minister to their spiritual, emotional, and personal needs

Coach and counsel engaged/married couples at church premarital & martial seminars

Perform all duties of a Pastor when required which included teaching seminars and conducting funerals and weddings

Increased marriage ministry class by over 50% which included a 10% increase in average Sunday school attendance


COOK COUNTY CORRECTIONAL CENTER                  Chicago, IL             1996 to 2003


Performed duties within correctional center as teacher & minister while at Southwestern Missionary Baptist Church & continued at my duties while at Salem Baptist Church of Chicago

Taught evening inmate classes, conducted Sunday morning worship which included preaching & provided private counseling sessions  

Instrumental in developing agendas and curriculums for prison groups interesting in Bible study. 

Successfully integrate Christian groups into biblical outreach programs within the Illinois Correctional Centers

Preached and trained at several Correctional Centers and Prisons within the state of Illinois



SOUTHWESTERN MISSIONARY BAPTIST                    Chicago, IL             1987 to 1996


Started several ministries which included the Prison and community neighborhood outreach program

Assisted pastor in worship planning, hospital visitation and nursing home ministry

Responsible for the prison ministry for the purpose of fulfilling the church outreach program 

President of the music ministry which provided concerts, musicals and worship programs

Involved with the evangelist program to bring people within the community to Christ 

Sunday school teacher for the youth and other small groups


INTERESTS:                          Becoming a Pastor, implement church biblical study program, teach and counsel parishioners to learn the scriptures, implement an outreach programs to reach those outside of the will of God. To demonstrate the man of God described in 1Timothy 3: 2-7 and Titus 2 and grow the church by equipping the church body with the word of God so we can teach and train the community to live within the world but not be of the world with the love of Jesus Christ



PILGRIMMAGE                   My testimony derived after I lost my job and my first wife decided to divorce me after her mother offered to help her and my son if she would leave me. When I lost the ability to see my son through the divorce, my spirit was grieved but God started speaking words of power, wisdom and knowledge within me and I started preaching the gospel to myself.  I couldn’t understand where this new power, this anointed power was coming from but I enjoyed it. It made me feel like a new man, a man with a sense of purpose. A new light was guiding me and that light called me to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I accepted the call of this light and while at Southwestern Missionary Baptist Church, I proclaimed to the world God’s call on my life. To ease my pain with the struggles I had with not seeing my son, God sent a message through a storm that came through my window. This storm only knocked down two things; a picture I had of a bridge over water and my son’s picture was on top of it. I was going to pick it up but I heard a voice say no. It remained there for three days and then at 3:02am a little slot machine I had to entertain my son started ringing. Once I stop it, God revealed his answer to me that “I am your bridge over troubled waters. I will bring your son back to you. Within that year he was living with me and my current wife.  


My personal testimony is simple. I'm called to be nothing less than a slave of God and to preach, teach and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am driven to follow God's word and proclaim the good news to mankind. I was called to the ministry over 20 years ago, not knowing anything about leading God's people. Now my life is covered with the full armor of God and I breathe each breath to serve Him.




                                                Prison Ministry Teacher & Mentor                         1987 - 2003

Pre-Martial Counselor & Instructor                        2002 - 2014

Marriage Couples Teacher & Counselor 2007 - Present

Teacher of the Year                                                 2009

The Let's Stay Together Talk Show 2014


























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