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Brenda McCain

Walking Upright

My Wife Brenda McCain has written a book called Walking Upright. Click the picture to purchase the book or click here to visit her website. Her book has received great reviews and people are already requesting  her to write a second book.

Below is a paragraph from her website.

Like Tyler, the protagonist in my novel I was downsized from two positions in my career—twice within six years and wondered, why me? During those times, my personal walk with the Lord has strengthened. Like David, I too, have a disability. A lightning strike left me hearing impaired in my right ear. Unlike David, my impairment is not as readily perceived by others. As a result, I’ve become less judgmental of others.

When I decided to write this Christian novel, I was down sized from my job going through some hard times feeling worthless and hopeless. It was the one area of my life where I felt that I had complete control. Writing allowed me to escape from reality to create characters that were relatable not only to me but to others. The more I wrote I realized how profound God’s unconditional love was, and that He had given me a story to tell about His unchanging, everlasting forgiveness. In spite of our circumstances and our struggles in life whether it’s our past, pain, secrets, finances, disabilities, relationships, or our jobs to be loved by Christ is the ultimate joy and fulfillment. It is for people such as these that I wrote Walking Upright ─ people who are struggling with their faith daily wondering Why Me? They should know that God is there, He is real, and He loves them─ no matter what. This novel is about glorifying God and allowing Him to mold and make us according to His will.


Brenda McCain is a woman of faith with an exciting fresh voice in Christian fiction. She is a devoted Minister’s wife, has recently completed a bachelors degree, a host of The Let's Stay Together Show and someone who is very passionate about helping others. Critics are saying that this book is a must have and a book you will truly enjoy. She has several more books in her spirit so get this one now. 


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